Friday, October 31, 2003

KC Lernson from the exchange group posted a link to some papers MS has done on how MS runs MS. Good stuff.

How Microsoft Does IT - IT Showcase
Looks like MS may be re-thinking the timeframe for adding a sql backend to exchange. I would imagine it all depends on how quickly the yukon stuff comes together and the overall quality. Fun Stuff.

CRN : Breaking News : Cracks Appear In Microsoft Kodiak 'Store Story' : 7:16 AM EST Fri., Oct. 31, 2003
Here's a review of the top anti-spam packages for enterprises. Brightmail comes out on top and it is a package we use with great success. If you require ultra-low false positives, this is the only package to go with.

Brightmail Anti-Spam 5.1 review by PC Magazine

Monday, October 27, 2003

Finally, a whitepaper dedicated to the ADC. This should help those struggling with a migration/deployment of the ADC.
Download details: Understanding and Deploying Exchange 2000 Active Directory Connector
My posting will be limited this week since I will be at the PDC but if I get a chance, I'll post.

As for the PDC, longhorn is taking shape nicely, I hope they get it right on the security front in addition to the new eye candy.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Over at they point out a new application from Omniva that helps making secure email in exchange easier. Since this sits on the server it should be easier to roll out than client based solutions.

TEST: E2K Security: Cool application of Rights Management Server

Friday, October 24, 2003

Here's the fix if you happen to have a problem with OWA after
applying the 5.5 hotfix below. Apparently some customers are
not able to view messages in OWA until they hit reply or forward.

818709 - Outlook Web Access Stops Responding When You Try to Access a Mailbox on an Exchange 5.5 Computer

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Heads up on a hotfix (posted originally by David Lemson) for
exchange 5.5 with outook 2003 users.

David Lemson from the MS Exchange group provides a great tip on configuring Exchange 2003 to reject invalid addresses during the SMTP converstation. I wished they would have had this feature when I was taking care of a bunch of 5.5 servers. I got tired of looking at all those NDR's in my IMS queues with <> senders.

Robert has a good thread going about the new development process they are attempting with longhorn. The comments are fast and furious, hopefully this initiative gets off the ground and has the effect on developemnt they describe.

The Scobleizer LonghornBlog

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

For anyone who hasn't heard, AT&T now has the first MS smartphone introduced in the US market. It's still running smartphone 2002 instead of 2003 but is still pretty cool. I think I'll wait until someone comes out with a smartphone 2003 device that has an integrated keyboard. I do way too much email to not have easy input. Cell Phones: Motorola MPx200 Smartphone - Next Generation (AT&T)
If you start to see email bounce from AT&T, this is why. Not sure how
well this is going to go over with their users after they start missing alot of important email.

Welcome to the SOSDG - AT&T Blocking All Incoming Mail

Monday, October 20, 2003

This is a great add-on that I recommend to alot of power users
to make it easier to modify level 1 attachments in outlook. Much
easier than editing the registry and priced right.

Slovak Technical Services Attachment Options
Is this the future of telecom as we know it? I know this has to completely freak out the telcos. I'm all for paying them a few less dollars.

Internet Telephony Shoot-Out: Skype vs. SIPphone!
I constantly get asked by users why we can't stop somebody from sending an email with a spoofed address. This idea (SPF) sounds like it would go a long way to fixing this with the side benefit of stopping a boatload of spam. I wonder if the exchange group is looking at this?

SMTP SPF: Senders Permitted From
Off the topic for exchange but the ideas layed out here by Mr. Greene are right on IMO. Hopefully people at MS are listening since now is the time to get this stuff in. I think now is also a good time to sacrifice a good bit of compatiblity to move forward with better/more secure interfaces and methodology. Forget about trying to fix all that legacy code and get this stuff right the first time.

Dylan Greene dot com - How Microsoft could stop spyware and adware with Longhorn...
Evan Dodds from the exchange group pointed me to this article about microsoft's latest internal rollout of exchange 2003 (now a few months old but still very interesting.) This article will give you alot of insight in to building a large/scaleable installation of exchange and what tradeoffs were made to maintain published recovery times.

Good reading!

Messaging Backup and Restore at Microsoft
Here's a critical patch that has not received much press. If your running
Sybari's Antigen on an Exchange 2000 server, apply this patch immediately
(this patch is also included in the latest exchange rollup). The story here
is a bug in Microsoft's handling of event sinks causes corruption in the .stm
file. Sybari is aware of it and recommends installing it as well.

This one cost me a days work restoring a db. Fun stuff.

814891 - Error -613 Occurs When You Perform an Online Backup
I thought it was fitting to start this blog with an entry that has some value to others. The white paper below is a must read for anyone involved with exchange. Read it, learn it, know it.

It will save your job some day!

326052 - XADM: White Paper - Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server