Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Microsoft also released updated tools in their all-in-one
package for exchange 2003. One new tool (Badmail Deletion and Archiving)
has been a highly requested feature. Previoulsy, most people (like me)
just used a batch file ran by AT to delete the contents of this folder.
  • Exchange 2003 Tools
  • Microsoft just released sp1 for Exchange 2003 and the Intelligent
    Message Filter for Exchange 2003:

  • Exchange 2003 sp1

  • Exchange 2003 IMF

  • Just a word of caution here.... sp1 cannot be removed once it's installed. Please make a full backup before and after installation. I think this is a poor decision on Microsoft's part to not include a remove option. Hopefully it will not be needed. ;-)

    Friday, May 21, 2004

    Looks like Microsoft may be working with the SPF group to merge
    both SPF and Caller-ID specs. This would be a huge boon for the
    industry and shows that the 'new' Microsoft is alive and well. Here's
    a thread outlining the first steps:
  • Caller-ID and SPF Merge

  • Thursday, May 20, 2004

    There is now a project under way at SourceForge for the creation of
    an event sink for exchange to do SPF lookups (Sender Permitted From). This
    is similar to Microsoft's 'Caller-ID' fuctionality and is currently being
    tested by AOL and others.
  • SPF Event Sink for Exchange
  • According to a survey done by Commtouch, 71% of all spam servers are
    located in China. Apparently cheap labor is not the only thing plentiful
    over there. Major ISP's need to step in here and start filtering some
    of this stuff as the trend is getting worse every month.
  • 71% of all spam server in China
  • Microsoft today announced they are submitting their Caller-ID technology to the
    IETF for consideration as in industry standard. I really hope this thing gets legs and gets accepted quickly and then adopted quickly by the major ISP's. We are all drowing in spam and this could take a big chunk out of the equation.
  • Caller-ID
  • Symantec announced yesterday they are buying Anti-spam vendor Brightmail
    for a boatload of cash. IMO, Brightmail has the best anti-spam software
    in the market so this is a real score for Symantec.
  • Brightmail Sale
  • Tuesday, May 11, 2004

    Sybari just released an updated build of Antigen (7.5, SR3, Build 1314)
    that has support for Exchange 2003 sp1 using ESE mode. Hopefully we will see sp1 released at Tech-ed in two weeks.
    Novell announced today that they will offer the evolution exchange connector for free starting May 14th. This allows a linux desktop running evolution to connect to an Exchange 2000 or 2003 server with a limited subset of the fuctionality of Outlook. I still think Outlook is a much better client for exchange but if your forced to use a linux desktop at least now you can use evolution (with the connector) at no additional cost. Previously each desktop using the connector had to have an exchange connector license from Ximian (in addition to a CAL for Exchange).

    I'm not really sure how Novell is going to make money from this but I'm sure they have lots of really smart people thinking about that. Maybe Microsoft should thank Novell for helping sell Exchange CAL's.
  • Novell Evolution Connector for Exchange
  • Here's a good list of the top 10 problems with databases not
    mounting in exchange and their solutions. Hopefully you will never
    see these issues but if you do it's good to know the next step.
  • Top 10 Database Mounting Issues
  • According to multiple sources inside Microsoft, they plan to release
    the Exchange 2003 IMF (Inteligent Messaging Filter) for free via a web
    download very soon. Previously it was announced that this would only
    be available to those Microsoft customers who were part of their Software
    Assurance program. It's good to see Microsoft took feedback from their
    customers and decided to provide this to everyone at no cost. I'll post
    a link to the download when it's available.
    I've been testing the new Gmail service from Google and so far
    it works fairly well. The UI is fairly intuitive and seems
    responsive. It's still kind of weird to not think about deleting
    any email from a free email service.

    Monday, May 03, 2004

    Adam has a link on his blog to a new whitepaper from HP on the storage design
    of Microsofts Exchange setup. Great detail on the EVA side and what's to come
    with VSS (we are just begining to test it as well).
  • Adam's Mindspace
  • Robert Scoble's brother, Alexander, had a good post on his blog about fire suppression
    systems in data centers. We just recently went through this with the building of one of our new data centers and ended up going with FM-200 with a pre-actuated water backup. The saphire stuff sounds interesting, may be something to look at for our next data center.
  • Alexander Scoble - Fire suppression