Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Exchange team posted a great piece over on their blog about the reasons
behind going to 64bit for E12. The big doozy here (a 70% reduction in disk I/O)
almost seems impossible but if they pull it off it will more than make up for the
64bit requirement. That type of disk I/O reduction makes running multiple
Exchange 12 virtual machines possible and even probable once we get the windows
hypervisor in Longhorn.

Lot of exciting things happening!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Over at they announced the first WM5 device to be released with
the MSFP (AKU2). Of course it was only released in Taiwan but it's nice to see them coming
out anywhere with the rumors of the Visto lawsuit. Here's hoping Sprint get's theirs out the
door asap.,45107

Friday, December 16, 2005

MS released one more piece in the road to the new AUTD in Exchange 2003/sp2. The activesync web admin tool is now available for download. This allows you to remotely wipe a device if needed and can also be used to view/delete devices associated with a specific AD account. This was a big piece that was missing when comparing their solution to something from RIM or Good so it's nice to see it's out in advance of AKU2 being released by the carriers.
Been busy for a while with year end stuff.... thought I would post today to get back
in the swing of thing:

MS released the office communictor 2005 web client for LCS 2005/sp1. This is a nice
addition to the stand-alone client. Now all we are missing is the soon to be released
communicator client for windows mobile! Download away.

I've also been hearing some rumors of the possibility that AKU2 for windows mobile devices
(the one that will enable the new push AUTD) may be delayed because of the Visto lawsuit. If
this is true it will be a real shame. It's obvious MS engineered the new version of AUTD on
their own and then some shell company comes along with a few non-specific patents and attempts to litigate their way in to a settlement. The USTO really needs to change the way they hand out patents or nothing is going to get done in this business.

Hopefully this is all just rumor and we will see AKU2 shortly.

Happy Holidays!