Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And the waiting continues.... Very few Carriers have released the MSFP
for their devices thus far (None in the US, only one in Korea I believe) and it looks like most are still a few months out. Microsoft needs
to do something about this as the carriers are becoming huge road blocks for
the adoption of Windows Mobile devices in the enterprise. If it takes each
carrier 6-9 months to do a ROM upgrade for a device most devices will only ever
get one upgrade (if their lucky).

There must be a way they could separate the carrier logic from bits MS needs
to update (kind of like how drivers are written now with MS doing the heavy
lifting and developers writing to that core driver)so upgrades are easier to
push out and don't require the carrier's integration efforts.

Are you listening MS?


Jeremiah Cook said...

I don't know of any US carrier that has released MSFP. Where does cingular say that it has been released? Are you really sure about this that cingular has released MSFP? I didn't know about this.

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tbooher said...

Yeah... the made an announcement last month with MS but from the looks of it now, was just more marketing BS with no actual product launch (in the US). Here is the original press release: