Sunday, April 30, 2006

Here's a heads up on a new product coming out that looks interesting. It's
called MailShadow and is made by Cemaphore ( The product is
geared towards DR scenarios and works at the transaction level so there are no
issues with database level corruption (like you see with other Exchange replication

I haven't seen the product yet in action so I'll reserve my judgement for then
but if it works like they say it could be a great addition for companies looking
to replicate Exchange data to other locations.
MS made this announcement quite a while ago (about breaking permissions in accounts with certain post-sp2 store fixes) but now they have added a script you can run that will identify these accounts before you apply any of those store fixes. I advise everyone run the script now to identify if they do have any account configured in this manner so you can fix them before one of these store fixes sneaks in on a hotfix you desperately need.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

There is now a way to set a list of smtp addresses that will not be scanned
by the IMF on Exchange 2003/sp1. This is a nice addition to a product that
already works very well. Most likely this functionality will be rolled in to
the GUI but for now, regedit is your friend.