Thursday, October 19, 2006

In conjuction with the last post, here is good discussion of archiving from
the Exchange team. They talk about why (or why not) to install an archving
system and what problems it can solve (and create).
Looks like MS is getting in to the email archiving business with IBM:

With competing products such as EAS and KVS having a big headstart, it will be
interesting to see how well they compete. I'm actually surprised MS didn't build
archiving in to the product with Exchange 2007.

Monday, October 02, 2006

AOL appears to be bouncing some mail with a new error I haven't seen:

It seems some people are getting this NDR even if they don't have a URL
in the message. Haven't heard anything from aol but just an FYI.
Check out this great post over at EHLO about sizing suggestions for Exchange
2007. We are going to start seeing much large base memory configs with Exchange
2007 now that we are 64bit. I know we are already looking at making our base
config for a two proc mailbox server with 1000 mailboxes use 8gb of memory.