Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just an FYI for those working on the DST change with Exchange - on 2/22/07 they updated
the order in which patches are applied so that now they recommend not apply the Exchange CDO patch until after the users calendars are rebased. Previously they were saying to apply the Exchange CDO patch before rebasing. Apparently the change was due to a problem they discovered with the CDO patch and OWA that would allow a user to create a recurring meeting in OWA that would not get fixed with rebasing.

They have also realeased a hotfix for the CDO patch for a rare issue that caused the stores not to mount after the patch was applied:

930241 The Exchange 2003 database does not mount, and event IDs 9518 and 9519 are logged in the Application log;EN-US;930241

The hotfix can be downloaded from here:

For anyone who has used the workaround outlined in:
932599 Information Store database does not mount with Event ID 9519 and 9518;EN-US;932599
MS just announced a parital list of features for Exchange 2007/sp1 and one of them will
be huge if done right - SCR or Standby Continuous Replication. The big killer for us with CCR
was the requirement of both boxes to be on the same subnet. We also did not really want to
have to run a cluster to get replication to a remote data center, instead we were looking to replicate remotely via stand alone boxes. This greatly reduces the complexity (no clustering)
while giving us the data protection necessary in today's environment.

Please, please MS, make SCR work and make it work without stretched subnets.

Friday, February 09, 2007

MS just released the calendar update tool that will fix calendar entries tha show up with
the incorrect time after you apply the OS and Exchange DST patches. As always, be sure to
test this on non-productions servers first since it's a new tool with no history.