Friday, June 08, 2007

There's a great post about SMIME support over at EHLO. I've been testing this
feature with a WM6 and so far it works well. My only complaint here is when you
go to verify a certificate, it fails for me each time. Not sure if this is a device issue
or something else (I only have one WM6 device to test with) but it's a minor issue.

On a side note, while it's nice to see that MS has included encryption of the storage
cards for WM6, why did they also not include on device encryption? This point will
be the difference that alot of corporations use to choose NOT to go to WM devices.
In my environement (Legal), having devices out there with exposed data (even if
only for the amount of time you choose for idle lock out) is un acceptbable. The
thousands of Blackberry devices we have already offer this option so it's a must for